Town Councillor Challenges County Council Over Bus Cuts


Ollie Purkiss, the Godalming Town Councillor for Central and Ockford, went today to speak to the Cabinet of Surrey County Council about the proposed cuts to buses.

Click here to see a video of Ollie's question.

After submitting a successful petition with the signatures of over 300 concerned residents, the Council had softened their proposals and agreed to keep the vital 72 bus, but still propose to reduce the service to once an hour during the day.

Ollie had this to say about the cuts:

"A bus service running every half an hour between residential areas and local shops and doctors is a basic public service and should be protected.

"The County Council should be trying to encourage use of the buses to deliver the cost savings needed, instead of cutting services."

In response to the question the cabinet member for environment and planning described a scheme to try and increase bus usage.

Ollie had this to say about the scheme:

"I welcome the announcement of a scheme to promote bus usage, but it seems bizarre to introduce this after making cuts rather than to try and remove the need for cuts."

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