Council efficiency

  • We will ensure Surrey County Council secures a reputation for being effective; we will cut back office costs and high salaries to ensure value for money and to pay for new services.

  • We will ensure competent contract management and enforcement so services are quality assured the first time - pot holes to stay fixed, verges cut at the right time, responses to emergencies are timely and effective.

  • We will work with communities to ensure efficiency not duplication.

Mark Merryweather, Farnham Lib Dem councillor, said:

"Conservative council bosses have wasted resident's money for far too long.

"They spent nearly £250,000 on their failed bid to scrap district councils which would have left residents voiceless, have increased the pay of senior council officers by £10 million a year and plan to spend £5 million kitting out new council offices in Reigate.

"Particularly in these financially difficult times for so many, instead of spending taxpayers money on pet projects we should be focussing on improving council efficiency by better managing back office costs, high salaries and contract management."

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