Fighting the pandemic locally

Your team of Lib Dem councillors have been working hard to support local residents and businesses through the coronavirus pandemic.

By David Busby, Jan 05, 2021 4:01

Waverley Lib Dems have been working hard to support residents and businesses across our area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The virus has had a dramatic impact on Waverley Council and your Lib Dem Councillors, as part of the controlling group, have been working hard to respond to the needs of our communities.

Deputy Council leader, Lib Dem Paul Follows, said:

"We want to thank all key workers, in the NHS and beyond, and the amazing volunteers who have done so much to help protect our communities over the past several months.

“We also applaud the commitment of all of Waverley’s staff and the flexibility they have shown in dealing with Covid”.

New services were rapidly put in place and Covid tasks delivered include:

  • Contacting and offering support to over 2,000 ‘shielding’ residents, and 1,000+ tenants
  • Sourcing and distributing PPE
  • Providing accommodation to rough-sleepers
  • Administering more than £40m in rate relief and grants for small businesses with a five-fold increase in claims for council tax support
  • Removal of parking charges until the end of June
  • Maintaining refuse and recycling collections
  • Working on a ‘Covid Recovery Action Plan'

In addition, your team of Lib Dem Town Councillors have been playing their part.

In Godalming, the 10 Lib Dem Town Councillors have collaborated with the other parties to ensure the Town, and Borough, focus on:

  • Providing food banks for those lacking the means to meet family needs - the food bank in St Marks is backed up by the Community Store and both will continue in these difficult times
  • Support for the lunch delivery services provided by the Farncombe Day Centre
  • Helping users of Godalming High Street to maintain social distancing by restricting motor vehicle traffic so that pedestrians can use the whole road safely
  • Run publicity campaigns to welcome back shoppers and other users of local businesses
  • Providing Covid-19 safe environments in our community facilities for groups to resume their activities and socialise in safe environments
  • Providing support to those grieving and maintaining sympathetic burial arrangements in the two well-tended cemeteries
  • Keeping leisure and sports facilities open and safe to use

Your local Lib Dem team will proudly continue working with residents and local businesses, as part of the incredible community response to the Coronavirus emergency.

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