The local Lib Dem team are working hard for Waverley, but we rely on donations from our members and supporters to compete against the well-funded Conservatives.

With door-to-door campaigning now restricted due to Covid, and with the Conservatives insisting elections will still go ahead this coming May, your donation will make a huge difference:

  • A £25 donation will show Facebook adverts to 3,500 Waverley voters we cannot currently reach with our leaflets due to Covid
  • £50 will pay for the printing of an extra letter to 1,000 key voters
  • £100 covers the printing of a 'Covid support' leaflet for every home in a council ward
  • £250 will cover Royal Mail postage of leaflets to a council ward we cannot deliver due to Covid
  • £500 pays for Royal Mail delivery of Lib Dem newspapers across one of our Surrey County Council target divisions 

Please select one of the pre-set amounts below or enter the amount of your choice. Thank you for your support.

Who's donating: from Godalming, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!