EU: "firefighters vs arsonists" and IMF: "Brexit - severe damage"

David Miliband, the UK's former foreign secretary, has likened Brexiteers to arsonists in an article in today's Guardian newspaper.

In the article, and on this morning's Today programme on Radio 4, he explained:

"If the world is increasingly divided between firefighters and arsonists then Britain has, for centuries, been a firefighter. This is no time for Britain to join the ranks of arsonists, and there should be no doubt that Brexit would be an act of arson on the international order."

Later on in the article, he added:

"Quitting Europe means giving up on our alliances. It means forsaking our position at the negotiating table and abandoning our international responsibilities: unilateral political disarmament."

Meanwhile today, breaking news comes from a comment from the IMF that the UK leaving the EU could do severe regional and global damage.

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