Farnham Candidates

For Waverley Borough:


Farnham Bourne: Cosmo Patrick Lupton

Farnham Castle: Peter Telford

Farnham Firgrove: Adam Paul Michael Chambers

Farnham Moor Park: Richard Michael Soper

Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea: Daniel James Hunt & Mark Ian Merryweather

Farnham Wrecclesham and Rowledge: Rosamund Jane Lupton


For Farnham Town Council:

Farnham Castle: Peter Telford

Farnham Firgrove: Adam Chambers

Farnham Hale & Heath End: Derek Seale

Farnham Shortheath & Boundstone: Theresa Meredith-Hardy

Farnham Weybourne & Badshot Lea: David Attfield & Mark Merryweather

Farnham Wreccleshan & Rowledge: Rosamund Lupton

Cosmo Lupton

Bourne Ward  - Farnham Town and Waverley Councils

I’ve lived in the Farnham area for the past nine years. I am running to be a councillor to serve the area that I love and because, as a liberal, I believe that active local councillors and strong local government can make a huge difference in people’s day to day lives. As your councillor I would keep in touch all year round, consult residents on the issues that matter to them and hold the council to account. I would work to increase the level of affordable housing, improve air quality and would stand up to cuts to local services.

Peter Telford

Castle Ward  - Farnham Town and Waverley Councils

I have lived in Surrey for over 20 years, moving to Farnham two years ago with my wife and two young children. I served as a parent governor at a local school, an experience that convinced me more needed to be done to protect education and ensure our communities have adequate infrastructure to cope with the demands of modern living.

I am keen to see Farnham maintain its character and beautiful green spaces whilst moving forward with the times. This needs balance and pragmatism – ensuring that all new developments are in line with agreed Local Plans,  well designed,  minimally disruptive and return real value to the community.

Adam Chambers

Firgrove Ward  -   Farnham Town Council

Having moved to Farnham 15 years ago, this area is very much my home.  My wife and I have three children attending two of our fantastic local schools, and I am a primary school teacher.  I am involved in many local activities , and in particular, am proud to have been instrumental in the reopening of 12th Farnham Scout Group – now a thriving group of almost 100 young members.

As your Town Council representative, I will strive to ensure that Farnham, as it grows and attracts more residents, builds an infrastructure that supports this, whilst continuing to be a welcoming, inclusive and healthy place to live.


Derek Seale

Hale Heath End Ward  -Farnham Town Council

Derek has been an active member of the Liberal Democrats in Farnham over many years and has in the past been Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Waverley Council and also Chairman of the Farnham Society. If elected onto Farnham Town

Council he will work to provide effective representation to the people in Hale and Heath End, doing what he can to improve the environment and protect local services.

Richard Soper

Moor Park Ward  - Waverley Borough Council

Richard has lived in Crooksbury Road (within the Moor Park ward) for the past 18 years.

Although he no longer works full me, he continues to work as a consultant on public transport matters, and is Chairman of a pension scheme. Richard is married and has two adult children.

“Like my fellow Lib Dems, I am keen to ensure Waverley is led more competently, but also in a way that delivers better results in relation to affordable housing and the most vulnerable within our communities. I particularly want to ensure our councils do all they can locally to respond to the challenges of climate change”.

Rosamund Lupton

Rowledge & Wrecclesham  Ward - Farnham Town and Waverley Councils

Rosamund has been a resident for the last nine years, raising her two sons here. She works from her home in Rowledge as a novelist and enjoys everything that the local community and area has to offer her and her family. As a Liberal Democrat, she is pledged to support local services, protect the environment, improve traffic safety and make living in our community affordable for young people.

Theresa Meredith-Hardy

Shortheath & Boundstone Ward  – Farnham Town Council

Theresa is a Shortheath and Boundstone resident, who lives with her husband and little girl. She entered local politics to try and make the community a better place, to bring up issues that matter and give support to those that need it. Since living in the area she has carried out charity work for the local community and is a school governor. If elected, Theresa would hold the Conservative-led council to account, demanding that developers pay their way to help sustain local services which are being cut. As a mum, she feels strongly about the issue of poor air quality and keeping Farnham the special place it is for the next generation.

Dan Hunt

Weybourne & Badshot Lea Ward - Waverley Borough Council

Dan moved to Weybourne and Badshot Lea with his young family 5 years ago. With his daughters in local schools, Dan is passionate about reducing congestion, and improving road safety and air quality within the ward.

“I experience daily the serious issues of congestion and speeding in the ward and will work tirelessly to ensure these issues are tackled and crossings added where needed.

I understand the need for affordable housing in the area which affects many residents and especially the young. The issues of housing, local infrastructure and road safety are inter-related and I will work hard to hold Waverley Council to account and ensure the area gets the improvements it needs."

Mark Merryweather

Weybourne & Badshot Lea - Farnham Town and Waverley Councils

Mark settled in Waverley with his family 15 years ago to continue a business career that had taken them to live and work around the world. He has been a passionate local community volunteer, charity trustee and school governor.

“There is a sense of complacency hanging over our Conservative-controlled councils which is all the more worrying given the substantial developments they have planned in Weybourne & Badshot Lea. As your councillor I will prioritise competence and accountability, and not letting developers off paying a fair share for road repairs and safety; affordable housing and public transport; less -congestion and better parking; and sensible policing of local crime and ant- -social behaviour.”

David Attfield

Weybourne & Badshot Lea  -  Farnham Town Council

I was born in Badshot Lea and have always lived in the ward. I have been one of the elected members at Farnham Town Council for 16 years, and served two terms as Town Mayor. I campaign to improve the environment and appearance of our town and villages, to resist the speculative development of our green open spaces and to improve dispersal of surface water flooding & foul water drainage. I coordinate the local speed watch group in Weybourne and Badshot Lea, with the aim of making our local roads safer. I will continue to promote and support our local schools, businesses and charitable organisations.


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