Farnham Road Safety Success

A vigorous campaign by Farnham Liberal Democrats has achieve a notable road safety success for the Potters Gate Primary, with the declaration of a reduced 20 mph speed limit. This will notably improve road safety for the children of the school. 


The  Farnham Herald reported:

"A NEW lower speed limit of 20 mph around Potters Gate Primary School was agreed by the Waverley Local Committee last Friday, following a protest petition calling for road safety improvements signed by 178 residents.

The petition, initiated by Lib Dem campaigners Stewart Edge and Jo Aylwin, called on Surrey County Council to “make the roads around Potters Gate Primary School - Beavers Road, Potters Gate and part of Falkner Road - significantly safer by introducing a 20 mph limit and by installing any other behaviour-changing improvements on these roads”."

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