Free school meals shock

Parents across Waverley have shared with us photos of the woefully inadequate food parcels they have received, as the Lib Dems call on the government to provide vouchers instead.

By David Busby, Jan 13, 2021 7:01

Lib Dem Paul Follows, Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said:

"I have received many enquiries from local parents and carers who are extremely worried about the free school meals alternative being sent out by Surrey County Council. 

"What on earth is going on? The amount of food some parents have received to feed their children is not anything like enough to provide an adequate, nutritious lunch every day.

"The cost of the food in many of the packages I have seen is far less than the amount of public money being charged by contractors. So where is the rest going?

"I have spoken with Surrey County Council seeking an explanation. The very idea of the government or the county potentially allowing profiteering on this sort of thing disgusts me, but I would like investigate further and be more sure of the facts.

"Therefore, if you are in this position yourself and would be happy to send me a note or photo, I would be most grateful. Please email [email protected].

"I must stress that I am also in touch with a number of local schools who have opted for vouchers or used a provider of their own choice with better outcomes.

"Our schools have stepped up brilliantly throughout the pandemic, despite the continuous moving of goalposts from the government and overstretched budgets, and I thank them for all they are doing to support our communities."

"Having previously been so slow to respond to calls for hungry children to be given support over school holidays during the pandemic, this time the Conservatives must act fast - please sign my petition calling for just that."

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the government to investigate the situation urgently and replace inadequate food parcels with food vouchers.

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