Guildford Borough Council transport plan published

As reported in GetSurrey's website (the online presence of the Surrey Advertiser), Guildford Borough Council has taken the unusual step of publishing its own transport plan, which includes a proposal to route the A3 under Guildford in a tunnel, from the A31 Hogs Back junction all the way to the Stoke junction.

This is a bit unusual, as a transport plan would normally be handled by the county council, says GetSurrey.

Clearly, if this proposal were to gain funding and then proceed, it would have major effects on some of the transport and air quality problems in Waverley.

Also, the plan is said to include steps to improve the one-way gyratory in the town centre, which has been the location of several serious accidents recently.

Guildford Borough Council has announced the transport plan on its own website at this page.

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