Local Election Breakthrough as Tories Collapse.

Waverley Liberal Democrats achieved major breakthroughs in the 2019 local elections, both for Waverley Borough Council, and in our towns. At the previous local elections in 2015, we took no seats in any of our councils. This year in contrast, we took 14 of the 57 wards, moving Waverley from near total Conservative dominance, to No Overall Control. 

At town council level, the Conservative collapse continued.

In Godalming, where our only two councillors had both gained their seats in recent by-elections, we took ten of the twenty seats, with just three Conservatives. Together with our Green and Labour partners, a "progressive alliance" partners now controls Godalming Town Council.

In Haslemere, where we were previously unrepresented, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives each took seven of the eighteen seats. Here too, a "progressive alliance" has effective control of the town council, in this case with Liberal Democrats, Greens and Independents (no Labour councillors).

In Farnham, the Conservative collapse continued, being reduced to just two councillors. In this case however, most of the gains went to the Farnham Residents Association, leaving the Liberal Democrats also with just two councillors. Nevertheless, that is still an improvement over 2015, when we had none.


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