Local flood defences and EU funding

Godalming's party branch chair, Heather Hullah, has written to the Surrey Advertiser regarding funding for local flood defences and the prospect for their continued support in the light of Brext.

The letter has been published in today's edition of the newspaper. The text of the letter is shown below:

Dear Editor,

I read with increasing incredulity the recent letter from Jeremy Hunt to South West Surrey constituents. He referred to the Godalming Flood Defences project. The various organisations collaborating on this project have produced a plan but “The next and most difficult part of the campaign will be to find the finances”. I attended a consultation meeting in January 2016 re these flood defences. They were short of the funds needed then and a year later this is still the case.

In December 2014, Catherine Bearder, Lib Dem MEP for the South East, offered to assist with an application for EU for funding to help with major flood defence projects, but this was declined. The EU has a record of supporting environmental and community projects but now, with the Conservatives pursuing hard BREXIT, this source of funding is forever closed. Will the scheme ever be built?

A project plan that isn’t fully funded is no plan at all.

If your readers have become unhappy about our post truth political scene and the covering up of incompetence, then we all have a chance to send this message to the Conservatives on May 4th in the Surrey County Council elections.

Yours Faithfully,

Heather Hullah

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