National party grows by 17,500 following referendum result

Many of us joined (or re-joined) the Party in the aftermath of 2015's disastrous General Election result. Party numbers grew by about 20,000 at that time. Now, following on from the referendum result, our numbers have swelled again, by a further 17500 new members

It's well known that the Liberal Democrats are largely more pro-EU, and largely more united on this point, than the other main political parties in the UK. It's also clear that, with the Government in office but not apparently in power, and with Labour engaging in open civil war in the House of Commons, the Liberal Democrats are the most stable national party right now.

Our party now has more than 76,000 members - this is more than we have had in a decade. Al Ghaff, Head of Membership said "These new members have joined us because they share our values and principles. They know that we are the only party who can now speak for those who believe the UK is best when it’s tolerant, outward-looking and compassionate.

"There are still many who are looking for someone to give them a voice in the wake of the referendum result. We need to keep the momentum going by recruiting these people to our party."

There have been members of the Labour Party switching their allegiance to join us instead, following on from Thursday night, as Tim Farron makes it clear that this advisory referendum has not yet committed the UK to formally declaring "Brexit".

During the coming weeks and months, it's still possible for our party to recognise the national vote, whilst campaigning for either a pause on invoking Article 50 and/or to to keep the UK in the EU or to re-join it if Article 50 has been invoked, at the next General Election.

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