Tory mega-council proposal dropped

Surrey Conservatives have failed in their bid to scrap the county’s eleven District Councils, but not before wasting almost £250,000 on research and a further £44,000 on printing and delivering a leaflet across Surrey promoting the nutty plan.

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Tackling child hunger in Waverley

Waverley Liberal Democrats are demanding extra support for children living in poverty, and are calling on the Government to extend free school meals so that no child living in poverty misses out - even during holidays and periods of lockdown.

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Green, green grass coming home

Haslemere Town Council have announced the good news that it has formally signed the transfers of key pieces of land in the town from Waverley Borough Council, including Woodcock Green and Grover’s Garden in Beacon Hill and St Christopher’s Green and Town Meadow in Haslemere.

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5 steps to get a grip on the coronavirus crisis

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey says that it is now clear that the Government ignored calls from experts for a "circuit break", and urges them to reconsider. Government must also take these 5 steps to get the virus back under control, and protect lives & jobs across Britain.

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Haslemere town council declare climate emergency

Haslemere Town Council last night unanimously approved a motion to declare a climate emergency, following in the footsteps of Lib Dem controlled Godalming Town Council who declared a climate emergency back in July.

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Waverley Borough Council Declare Climate Emergency

At a full council meeting last night, Waverley Borough Council passed a climate emergency declaration.

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EU 2019 Result

Results of the EU Parliamentary elections on May30 2019 were even better than those for the local elections. Here in Waverley, we topped the poll with 35%, contributing to the election of 3 LibDem MEP's for the South East region.

Full results for Waverley (taken from the Waverley BC website) were:



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Local Election Breakthrough as Tories Collapse.

Waverley Liberal Democrats achieved major breakthroughs in the 2019 local elections, both for Waverley Borough Council, and in our towns. At the previous local elections in 2015, we took no seats in any of our councils. This year in contrast, we took 14 of the 57 wards, moving Waverley from near total Conservative dominance, to No Overall Control. 

At town council level, the Conservative collapse continued.

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A Good Year in 2018 - a Better in 2019?

At the 2018 Waverley Liberal Democrats AGM last month, local chair Paul Farthing celebrated the progress the Party had made locally over the past year.

 It started with the Central and Ockford by-election last December, where we won both seats available, for first Waverley borough councillor and a second on Godalming Town. We then ran a very strong campaign last May, just missing out in Farnham Castle, and then a great effort in Hindhead in October, where we have done less well in recent years.


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Farnham Road Safety Success

A vigorous campaign by Farnham Liberal Democrats has achieve a notable road safety success for the Potters Gate Primary, with the declaration of a reduced 20 mph speed limit. This will notably improve road safety for the children of the school. 


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