Our Councillors

Surrey County Council

Godalming North: Penny Rivers

Waverley Borough Council

Cranleigh East: Richard Cole; Ruth Reed

Farnham Weybourne & Badshot Lea: Dan Hunt; Mark Merryweather

Godalming Binscombe: Paul Rivers

Godalming Central and Ockford: Paul Follows

Godalming Farncombe and Catteshall: Penny Rivers

Godalming Holloway: Joan Heagin

Godalming Central and Ockford: Paul Follows

Milford: Christine Craig Baker

Haslemere Critchmere and Shottermill: Jacqueline Keen; Peter Nicholson; John Robini

Haslemere Hindhead: Jerome Davidson

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Town and Parish Councils

Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea: David Attfield; Mark Merryweather

Godalming Binscombe: Heather Hullah; Paul Rivers

Godalming Central and Ockford: Adam Duce; Paul Follows; Anne-Marie Rosoman

Godalming Charterhouse: Michael Steel

GodalmingFarncombe and Catteshall: Alex Adam; Penny Rivers

Godalming Holloway: Joah Heagin; Michael Stubbs

Haslemere Critchmere: Jacquline Keen; John Robini; Terry Weldon

Haslemere North and Grayswood: Isabelle Cole

Haslemere Shottermill: Peter Nicholson

Wonersh: Robert Ellis

Surrey County Council

Penny Rivers

(Godalming North ward, SCC; Farncombe and Catteshall Ward, Waverley borough and Godalming town councils)



Penny Rivers was first elected to Godalming Town Council for Farncombe and Catteshall Ward in 1995 and served 16 years, twice as Town Mayor. Penny lives in Farncombe and in 2017 was elected Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Godalming North. Her major focus has been on the ’20 is plenty’ road speed campaign.

Follow Penny Rivers on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CouncillorPenny/) and on Twitter (@Penny__Rivers )


Waverley Borough Council

Christine Craig Baker

(Milford ward, Waverley borough council)

Former Liberal Democrat councillor on Waverley Borough Council, I chaired the Central Planning Sub-Committee.   Previously on Witley Parish Council I specialised in planning and affordable housing. 

A successful campaigner for an out-of-hours Mental Health Crisis line, I became Chair of the Mental Health Committee of the Surrey LINk (successor to the Community Health Council).

After the Conservatives’ costly planning mistakes over the Golf Club application, a new voice is needed for Milford.  If elected I will fight for the infrastructure  -  highways, schools, doctors  -   that will be necessary  and  will work hard to protect the village’s interests.

Richard Cole

(Cranleigh East ward, Waverley borough council)

I have lived in Cranleigh for 14 years with my wife and (now) two grown-up children and have served as a Parish councillor for Cranleigh during the last eight years. I have previously served in the Midlands as borough councillor.

I have watched the house-building over the last six years with great concern, given the Tory Waverley Council were unable to put in place a proper local development plan. The new council at Waverley will have to deal with the results of this situation and I hope to make a contribution as your councillor.


Jerome Davidson

(Haslemere - Hindhead ward, Waverley Borough Council and Haslemere TC)

Jerome Davidson is a long-term Hindhead resident. Now retired, he worked for many years at home and abroad in the oil industry. He has previously been a candidate for the Town Council for Hindhead and is worried  that Hindhead and Beacon Hill often seem to be treated as poor relations by our local Councils. He feels that is not helped by the poor record of service from some Conservative Councillors, most recently evidenced by the disqualification of a Tory Councillor for Hindhead on Waverley for non-attendance for six months. And that echoes the scandal of the Tory Town Councillor who was in place for a year and failed to attend a single meeting. Jerome says Hindhead deserves better representation and he is determined to offer that building on his strong business background and local knowledge as someone living in the ward.


Paul David Follows

(Central and Ockford ward, Waverley borough and Godalming town council)


Paul has lived in Surrey since 1993, including studying at the University of Surrey and he now works locally. He was elected as a Liberal Democrat councillor for Central and Ockford in 2017. Since then his major campaigns have been working with staff and parents to help save Green Oak School from closing, as part of the Liberal Democrat commitment to protecting education, and opposing major housing developments without the right infrastructure. Paul’s focus for the new council will be on making sure that councillors are active in their communities and really listening to residents’ concerns.

Follow Paul Follows on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/paulfollowsGodalming/) and on Twitter (@PaulDFollows )


Joan Christine Heagin

(Holloway ward, Waverley borough and Godalming town council)

Joan has lived in Surrey for 40 years; with the last 15 years in Busbridge. Quite a contrast to growing up on a Northumberland hill farm, where she attended local grammar school before gaining a degree in economics at Manchester.

Joan took early retirement from a successful insurance career in the City in order to give something back. This has led to a variety of voluntary roles; from an orphanage in Nepal to dog walking for elderly local residents.  She is now a regular volunteer at the Citizens Advice Bureau and she is also on the committee of Busbridge Village Hall.  Joan will be focusing her campaign issues on local traffic, more affordable housing and a better local environment.


Dan Hunt

Farnham - Weybourne & Badshot Lea Ward - Waverley Borough Council

Dan moved to Weybourne and Badshot Lea with his young family 5 years ago. With his daughters in local schools, Dan is passionate about reducing congestion, and improving road safety and air quality within the ward.

“I experience daily the serious issues of congestion and speeding in the ward and will work tirelessly to ensure these issues are tackled and crossings added where needed.

I understand the need for affordable housing in the area which affects many residents and especially the young. The issues of housing, local infrastructure and road safety are inter-related and I will work hard to hold Waverley Council to account and ensure the area gets the improvements it needs."


Jacqueline Rosemary Keen

(Chritchmere and Shottemill ward, Waverley Borough and Critchmere ward, Haslemere TC)


I have lived in Haslemere all my life, as have generations of my family before me. I was a night nurse for thirty years, the last sixteen at Milford Hospital, where I am now Chair of the League of Friends. I have been Mayor of both Haslemere and Waverley. In 2001, I was awarded the MBE for Community work. If elected, I will be very supportive of our young people. As a committee member of "A place2be" youth group I am very aware of the support clubs such as ours give to young people. I am also very concerned about the lack of transparency in local politics. I believe that local democracy needs to be open and transparent, and I shall work hard to achieve this. I am concerned that Waverley and Haslemere Councils are so dominated by a single party as lack of genuine debate results in poor decision-making.


Mark Merryweather

Farnham - Weybourne & Badshot Lea - Farnham Town and Waverley Councils

Mark settled in Waverley with his family 15 years ago to continue a business career that had taken them to live and work around the world. He has been a passionate local community volunteer, charity trustee and school governor.

“There is a sense of complacency hanging over our Conservative-controlled councils which is all the more worrying given the substantial developments they have planned in Weybourne & Badshot Lea. As your councillor I will prioritise competence and accountability, and not letting developers off paying a fair share for road repairs and safety; affordable housing and public transport; less -congestion and better parking; and sensible policing of local crime and ant- -social behaviour.”

Peter Nicholson

(Chritchmere and Shottemill ward, Waverley Borough and Critchmere ward, Haslemere TC)


Peter Nicholson has lived in Haslemere for over thirty years and is now retired having previously worked in scientific research, marketing and in planning roles in industry. He is a former Chairman of a local Residents Association and a former Waverley Borough Councillor.

His main priorities are in provision of more social housing, sensitive planning which also respects the green belt and the maintenance of local bus services.

Ruth Reed

Cranleigh East ward, Waverley borough council). 

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe in putting people first. Listening to the needs of our Community here in Cranleigh East, where I live, would be my priority. I have worked with officers on Waverley to improve our environment with the positioning of recycling and litter bins and on improving leisure facilities locally. I am a Founder Member of The Surrey Hills Society and I have been elected in the past on both Cranleigh and Ewhurst Parish Councils, serving on a variety of committees including chairing Planning Committees. I have also been a Trustee on several Local Charities.


Paul Sidney Rivers

(Binscombe ward, Waverley borough and Godalming town council)

Paul Rivers was elected to Godalming Town Council in 2003 and served eight years, including one as Mayor.  Paul also served four years, having been elected to Waverley Borough Council in 2003 for one term. Paul lives in Farncombe.



John Robini

(Chritchmere and Shottemill ward, Waverley Borough and Critchmere ward, Haslemere TC)

I was born in Surrey, and now live in Haslemere. I have always been interested in Community affairs, and worked for Surrey Police for 43 years leading partnership projects. Living in Witley I became involved in trying to listen and improve the Community, and became a Councillor and Chairman for Witley Parish Council. I was then elected to Waverley Borough Council where I was portfolio-holder on the executive for Community safety, car parking and Young people. I successfully introduced a youth council, a stronger and more robust CAB system, and other Community projects. I volunteer in the community and am currently President of Rotary. As your Councillor, I will support the vulnerable, particularly the elderly and young, and develop better communication and strategies between departments, agencies and the local community. I am passionate about providing social and affordable housing, and ensuring local views are listened to in local planning matters.


Anne-Marie Margaret Rosoman

(Central and Ockford ward, Waverley borough and Godalming town council)

Anne-Marie has lived and worked in Waverley Borough for most of her life. She has two grown-up sons as well as a stepson and stepdaughter so is used to juggling family life. She has been active in local school PTAs and even organised a circus in the past. She has also helped to run two local youth football clubs and supports Godalming CC. She retired last year having worked as a lawyer




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