SW Surrey Local Issues

My local priorities

 MPs are first and foremost the representatives of their local constituency. If I am elected I am representing the people, businesses, charities, towns, villages and countryside of South West Surrey - the place I grew up in and where I continue to live.

This is my vision for our area.

  • Making sure we can breathe
  • An end to fracking and fossil fuel extraction
  • Balancing the need for housing with protection of our beautiful area
  • Ensuring our health
  • Thriving high streets
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Education: the key to our future

The policy area of education covers nursery care, the wellbeing of young people, and opportunities for careers just as much as it covers what is taught in a primary school maths lesson.  However if we don’t get the classroom right, then the rest has nothing to build from.  I cannot be less dramatic about this: the UK is very near a collapse in functional education for our children and young people.

In Surrey we have great schools, in the state sector and also in the independent sector – I have seen many of them in the hustings I have been doing as part of this election campaign.  I campaigned with residents to save Green Oak Primary School in Godalming.

But do not think that our excellent schools are immune to the current problems of governmental neglect and mismanagement.  Many of you who are parents, or who are still within the education system, will recognise the growing crisis.

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"How I’ll help to save the NHS"

The NHS is one of the many things that makes the UK great. We are proud of it and we want to help it thrive. 

The current Conservative government has let the NHS down. Today we have an NHS that:

  • Will 100% not get the additional £350m a week that Boris promised when he told lies to convince people to leave the EU
  • Is predicted to experience its worst winter crisis EVER
  • Has been promised extra staff that have never materialised, in fact hospitals are so short of doctors and nurses that patients’ safety and quality of care are under threat
  • Has been promised additional hospitals - although even Boris Johnson isn’t sure how many
  • Is being put under increasing pressure by the failure of the current social care system
  • Has no plan for how it will be restored to former glory


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