Potholes: "How I'm not dead is beyond me"

So said one resident when we asked how important it is to sort out our roads.

By David Busby, Mar 23, 2021 5:03

In our recent residents' survey, others told us:

"The roads around us are broken."

"The state of our roads is very poor compared with other counties."

"Roads are poorly maintained, especially for cyclists on minor roads."

And residents are looking for proper repairs to be done, not just false-economy patching; one said:

"Not just fixing potholes but doing away with the ridiculous doctrine that Surrey County Council should only make something safe. How something looks is very important, especially in historic towns."

Tory-run Surrey is really failing us on roads maintenance. And there are other highways issues causing concern, such as problems with pavements:

"A lot of pavements are too narrow or overgrown and I often see parents and children having to squeeze together or walk in the road because of this."

"Our pavements are terrible."

For the Lib Dems, roads and road safety are a real priority. That is why, in February, we proposed to add a £26 million, 5 year, Road Safety Fund to the County Council’s budget.

On May 6th, you can vote Lib Dem for real change in Surrey and an administration that will get on and deal with our road problems.

I'm backing the local Lib Dem team on the 6th of May ➜

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