SW Surrey Parliamentary Candidate Ollie Purkiss

The Liberal Democrats today announced the candidacy of Ollie Purkiss for MP for South West Surrey.


Ollie, a Godalming-based computer game designer, town councillor, and passionate air quality campaigner, stands on a platform of firm opposition to Brexit, proper funding for the NHS, and fighting against Tory cuts to local schools.

“The people of South West Surrey voted remain, but Jeremy Hunt, our MP, betrayed us by voting to trigger Article 50,” Ollie said. “Leaving the single market threatens our jobs and our prosperity. We must be allowed a referendum on the outcome of the negotiations.”

As a father of two, Ollie stands against Tory plans for brutal cuts to South West Surrey schools, which threaten to damage the education of local children. “Cuts to local schools would mean larger class sizes and fewer teachers. We cannot let this go unchallenged.”

Ollie is also calling for proper funding of the NHS, by raising tax by 1p in the £. “We cannot afford to play games with our health,” he said. “Jeremy Hunt has spearheaded the disintegration of the NHS. We must reverse this, and fund our health service properly.”

As the main challenger to Tory domination in South West Surrey, local Liberal Democrats are inviting moderates of all persuasions to fight the hardline Tory agenda together. They had offered backing for a single progressive alliance candidate, but when Labour declined to stand aside, members decided it was important to provide voters with an anti-Brexit option.

“A hard Brexit will affect everything we value,” Ollie said. “It will hurt our health, our schools, our future. But it’s not too late to challenge it. Together, we can send a powerful message that it’s not too late, and that common sense can return to British politics again.”

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