It's time for change at Surrey County Council

The local Lib Dem team have exciting and ambitious plans to rebuild Surrey County Council services, which have been left decimated through decades of Conservative waste and mismanagement.

By David Busby, Apr 23, 2021 4:04

Surrey County Council has been controlled by the Conservatives since 1965, and their record of waste and mismanagement speaks for itself.

  • £250,000 wasted on a failed anti-democratic bid to scrap district councils;
  • Children’s services rated as inadequate by Ofsted, and
  • A financial mess, with negative reserves of £340m and rising - on average by £45m each and every year - despite plans to triple debt to fund an election spending binge.

All of this while the congested roads across our area have been left to crumble and vital services have declined relentlessly.

Julian Spence, Mark Merryweather, Penny Rivers, Paul Follows, John Robini, Liz Townsend and the local Lib Dem team have a proven record of delivering for residents across our area. Our local team in the progressive alliance has been successfully delivering ethical value for money at Waverley Borough Council since 2019.

Our plans to rebuild Surrey better are driven by compassion and competence.

We need better youth services, which have been cruelly cut. We need improved provision for those with Special Educational Needs and for adult social care. And, let’s face it, we need a County Council that can manage to deliver on the basics, such as repairing our roads or controlling traffic.

Some costs of improved services can be met by proper financial control, which the Conservatives have woefully failed to deliver: in 2019/20 alone they had to write off £38m of ‘investment’ property. We’ll also fight for fairer local funding from government to defend Council Tax payers from endless tax rises and service cuts.

Your Lib Dem candidates will listen to you and we’ll act as advocates for those most in need.

Please support us when you vote: in return you’ll get hard working local councillors who will put our community first.

Our plan for Surrey County Council ➜

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