SW Surrey Local Issues

My local priorities

 MPs are first and foremost the representatives of their local constituency. If I am elected I am representing the people, businesses, charities, towns, villages and countryside of South West Surrey - the place I grew up in and where I continue to live.

This is my vision for our area.

  • Making sure we can breathe
  • An end to fracking and fossil fuel extraction
  • Balancing the need for housing with protection of our beautiful area
  • Ensuring our health
  • Thriving high streets

Making sure we can breathe

Our town thoroughfares are clogged with pollution-belching cars.  That’s not good for our towns, it’s awful if you’re trying to get anywhere by car, bus, cycling or on foot, and most worryingly we are damaging the health of our children.

The answer lies in careful investment into roads so vehicles don’t have to crawl around inadequate one-way systems, pedestrianisation of some areas and of course investment into green and public transport. 

An end to fracking and fossil fuel extraction

Surrey County Council have declared a state of climate emergency, as have the national government.  Neither of them mean it.  In Surrey the Council are considering a planning application to open up a new drilling site for oil and gas in Dunsfold.  They claim, on a technicality, that this is not fracking.  It is.  I will fight for the ending of fracking and the blocking of this proposal in Surrey.

Balancing the need for housing with protection of our beautiful area

We need more housing that people can actually afford to live in, but we also live in an area of outstanding natural beauty which must not be despoiled. I will always campaign for housing in Surrey which protects the ecology of our area but which allows keyworkers, local people and first time buyers to live here, including social housing.  New housing must be energy-efficient so it is inexpensive to live in and better for the planet.

Ensuring our health

The Lib Dems nationally would add a penny to income tax and invest an extra £7bn a year into health and social care. South West Surrey has a relatively older population but local hospitals which are sometimes under threat and which have a mixed bag of provision.  We need to structure this better so people can access care close to home, but also link to the very best specialist provision at the Royal Surrey.

Thriving high streets

Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere are great places to shop, work and live.  But they are now increasingly full of vacant units, plagued by a business rates framework which is no longer under local council control and threatens the viability of our retail businesses.  Let’s remove that and open those units and let’s bring communities together to make our high streets places of community networks, events and activities.

How I will do this

As your MP I will present a plan, shared with local councils and publicised widely, showing how I am linking together policies at national level with things that you can actually see in the constituency.  I will be accountable to you.  And you will be able to see me, in local surgeries, at local events, being where I need to be in amongst the people of South-West Surrey.

If you want an MP who actually cares about where they live, and actually lives here not in a ‘nearby constituency’ like Jeremy Hunt, then vote for me in this election.


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