"How I’ll help to save the NHS"

The NHS is one of the many things that makes the UK great. We are proud of it and we want to help it thrive. 

The current Conservative government has let the NHS down. Today we have an NHS that:

  • Will 100% not get the additional £350m a week that Boris promised when he told lies to convince people to leave the EU
  • Is predicted to experience its worst winter crisis EVER
  • Has been promised extra staff that have never materialised, in fact hospitals are so short of doctors and nurses that patients’ safety and quality of care are under threat
  • Has been promised additional hospitals - although even Boris Johnson isn’t sure how many
  • Is being put under increasing pressure by the failure of the current social care system
  • Has no plan for how it will be restored to former glory


This Conservative government, like on so many things, doesn’t have a real plan, just words, written on buses and press releases and all without substance.  Just words.

The Lib Dems have a plan. We will apply a 1p increase to income tax for the NHS and social care.  We can tell you where the money will come from and what we will do with it. We are the only party who can.  If you want an extra £6bn a year ring fenced for the NHS, then those who pay income tax will need to pay a little extra for that to happen.  We hope you agree that it’s more than worth it. This money will also fuel the Lib Dem pledge for mental health to be treated the same as physical health. 

By investing in our NHS, rather than squeezing every budget pot available to them, we will see a reduction in the need to spend in other places. As services within the NHS get cut, it doesn’t make problems go away, it simply causes a knock on effect elsewhere. 

Ryan Campbell, CBE, former Chair of Mind and SW Surrey resident gave his reasons for supporting Paul Follows and the Liberal Democrats. “We have made great steps forward for mental health in this country, but there is so much more we need to do. We need progressive voices in parliament who stand up for the all round health of the nation. Paul Follows, will do that. He has my vote.”

We also have a social care system in crisis. One of the reasons the NHS is under such pressure is because we do not properly fund or plan social care, so people needlessly end up in hospital.  The Conservative government has repeatedly refused to produce any plan for social care, despite cutting budgets by up to 50%. They don’t care.

As South West Surrey residents look to put their faith in someone to represent them and speak up for the biggest issues facing this country, look to the facts for guidance:

  • The Conservative record is declining funding and standards
  • Promises which never come true
  • Missed targets on waiting times 
  • Junior doctors’ strike

And who was the Health Secretary who oversaw almost all of this?  Our very own current SW Surrey MP, Jeremy Hunt. We now need an MP who will keep their promises and help save our NHS.

By Paul Follows, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for South-West Surrey



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