Town hall meeting for undecided EU voters

Some Waverley residents, concerned about the poor quality of communications coming from BOTH sides of the EU referendum campaigns, have organised and paid for out of their own pockets, a "town hall" meeting with guest speakers.

This will be on TUESDAY 14 JUNE 7:30pm, at the WILFRID NOYCE Centre in Godalming, next to the Crown Court car park.

If you know any people who are genuinely undecided about which way to vote, or if you are undecided yourself, please circulate details of this meeting and/or come along yourself.

It's a question and answer session, NOT affiliated with EITHER campaign. All the speakers have personal experience with working in and/or dealing with Europe so they are able to speak in greater detail and with better nuance than the headlines with which we are being bombarded. The organisers have stressed that this should be a very open meeting with the audience invited to put questions to the panel.

Please put your views to the panel here:

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