Green Party back Lib Dem Paul Follows for South West Surrey

The Green Party have announced they will stand aside in South West Surrey, in a major boost to Lib Dem Paul Follow’s campaign to win the seat from the Conservatives.

Additionally, the National Health Action Party, who finished second in the constituency at the last General Election, have also decided not to stand a candidate to give Lib Dem Paul the best chance of beating the Conservatives.

Paul Follows said, “I would like to say thank you to both the Green Party and the National Health Action Party for this brave decision. Brexit is a national crisis and it’s great to see political parties working together to secure more Remain supporting MPs in Parliament.

“It’s quite telling that Labour, who want to negotiate their own Brexit deal, have not followed their lead. Jeremy Corbyn backs Brexit, and the Liberal Democrats could never work with him.

“The residents of South West Surrey deserve a strong voice in Parliament, to stop Brexit and to fight for a brighter future for Britain. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can make that happen in our area.”

The Liberal Democrats topped the poll across Waverley in this year’s European Parliamentary election, and Paul Follows led the team that helped take control of Waverley Council from the Conservatives in May’s local elections. With Labour out of the race, only Lib Dem Paul Follows can beat the Conservatives in the General Election on Thursday 12th December.

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