Waverley Borough Council local plan emerging

Waverley Borough Council has published Part 1 of its new Local Plan, in draft form. Part 1 covers strategic sites such as specific plots of land adjacent to existing towns, and the proposed development of Dunsfold Park.

In response to Waverley’s long Awaited Local Plan proposals, Stewart Edge, Chairman of Waverley LibDems, has accused Waverley Council of ignoring the clear results of their own consultation in 2014.

A total of 2600 new homes have been allocated to the brownfield site at Dunsfold aerodrome, an additional 2330 properties are proposed for Farnham, an additional 1520 properties have been allocated for Cranleigh, and an additional 1240 properties are proposed for Godalming.

The total number of fresh housing required in the period 2013 to 2032 has been calculated to be 9861. Of these, 727 have already been built, and a further 2579 can be provided through existing planning permissions.

Dunsfold Park Master Plan

Image: Dunsfold Park

Stewart Edge, Chairman of Waverley LibDems, said ‘80% of respondents to the 2014 consultation wanted 3400 at Dunsfold Aerodrome, but the Council have proposed only 2600 for Dunsfold.   With the total numbers required also having gone up, Farnham’s total has increased from 1800 (in the earlier preferred consultation option) to 2330, with over 1200 rather than 700 on greenfields. Cranleigh has come off even worse.’  He continued ‘The Conservative-dominated Council has always sought to minimise development at Dunsfold:  we will be working to demonstrate, eventually to the Inspector, that the plan is flawed and should be changed.’ 

Part 2 of the local plan will follow, but as yet there is no prospective time-frame for when it might be published. For the time being, part 1 remains in draft status.

The documents that make up part 1 of the new plan can be downloaded from Waverley Borough Council's website.

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