Waverley Borough Council Declare Climate Emergency

At a full council meeting last night (Sept 18), Waverley Borough Council passed a climate emergency declaration.

By Terence Weldon, Sep 19, 2019 10:09

At a full council meeting last night, Waverley Borough Council passed a climate emergency declaration.

The Waverley Liberal Democrats facebook page reported:

Despite a concerted effort from Conservative (Opposition) Councillors to utterly neuter and dilute the motion (just as they did at Surrey CC where they are control), the new cross-party administration held firm and passed the motion in its full and complete form without any amendments.

(The LibDem controlled Godalming Town Council has already passed a climate emergency motion of its own. The LibDem/Progressive alliance controlled Haslemere Town Council is expected to do the same at their next meeting, on Thursday 26th).

This is fully in keeping with the sentiments declared by Jo Swinson at Conference 2019:

Earlier this year Parliament declared a climate emergency, but what has the Government done since then? We’ve set off the fire alarm, and now they are just standing by, watching it burn. Literally. For days we watched the Amazon – the world’s lungs – just burn. 

To read the LibDem proposals in Jo Swinson's closing speech to combat climate change, and the full text of the Waverley climate motion, see below.

Join our campaign against climate change, here!

LibDem proposals on climate, in Jo Swinson's closing speech (as reported at LibDem Voice):

"A Liberal Democrat Government will plant the trees and retrofit the homes. We will build the wind turbines, the solar panels and the tidal barrages. But Government alone cannot solve this. It will take all of us – government, individuals and business – to build the zero-carbon UK we need to become. That’s why my Liberal Democrat Government will introduce climate risk reporting and create a new Green Investment Bank, to channel investment into green projects and away from fossil fuels. And it’s why I want to engage everyone in the country by establishing a UK Citizens’ Climate Assembly to drive a national debate about how exactly we will reach net-zero by 2045 – and earlier if possible."

The text of the Waverley BC climate motion (as published at the council website):

The Executive RECOMMENDS to Council that:

i) Waverley Borough Council declares a ‘Climate Emergency’
requiring urgent action.

ii) Waverley Borough Council aims to become carbon neutral by 2030,
taking into account both production and consumption
emissions, and takes a leadership role to achieve this working
with other councils, including town and parish councils with the

iii) Waverley Borough Council recognises that the achievement of the
target will require central government to provide the powers,
funding and other resources to achieve the target and therefore
calls on the government to provide such powers, funding and
other resources as appropriate to facilitate achieving the 2030

iv) Officers be instructed to provide to the Council’s Executive, within
six months of the date of this decision, a report on the actions
the Council and the local community can take to address these
issues together with an action plan, specifying year on year
milestones and metrics to show progress towards achieving the
goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 noting any additional costs
that might be involved.

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