Waverley Local Plan Delayed Again

Waverley Borough Council have announced another delay in the desperately needed Local Plan, keeping the area at risk of inappropriate developments being forced through. Two local Liberal Democrats were asked to comment on this delay by the Surrey Advertiser: Ollie Purkiss, a Godalming Town Councillor, and Richard Cole, our candidate in the Cranleigh Parish Council by-election on May 5.

Ollie Purkiss said:

"Waverley Borough Council's failure to produce a Local Plan after nine years and hundreds of thousands of pounds spent is the biggest threat to this area of recent times. The rules laid out by the government clearly state the numbers of new houses that need to be built, and ignoring that will not prevent it happening.

"We need strong leadership and strategic thinking to ensure that the right types of houses are built in the right places to allow us and our children to live and work in the area. There are difficult decisions to be made to achieve this, but it is possible to build the houses we need while preserving our green spaces, and the character of our beautiful towns and villages. A well thought out Local Plan would allow local government to take control of the situation and work with central government and developers to build a better future for us all; inaction and weakness will continue to see green belt development and houses being squeezed into inappropriate sites as developers decide where to build on a case by case basis, rather than working to an overall strategy.

"This further delay in producing the Local Plan highlights the Council's continued failure with regard to housing, and the damage it is doing across the area."

And Richard Cole said:

“The latest delay in Waverley Borough Council sorting out the local plan means more uncontrolled development in Cranleigh.

“New housing is needed across Waverley, but our village should provide its fair share, not being seen as a soft touch.”

You can read the rest of the article on the Surrey Advertiser.

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