Waverley Plans Bad for Farnham

For almost 10 years, Conservative controlled Waverley Council have failed to get an approved Local Plan in place. As a result Farnham has been battling against unplanned greenfield developments in the wrong locations: but Waverley's latest plan proposals – on which a consultation (closed on Oct 20th) was held – have failed Farnham.

In 2014 Waverley ran a public consultation on where to build new houses – and 80% of respondents said that they preferred an ‘option’ which put 3400 houses at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Since then Conservatives at Waverley (having done everything they could to avoid building any at all) have decided that 800 fewer (2600) is right for Dunsfold. Meanwhile they have now proposed 980 more (2780) than the preferred consultation ‘option’ for Farnham.

At Dunsfold it will be possible to build appropriate infrastructure - especially roads - for the extra houses; in Farnham, already the worst town for traffic problems in Waverley, there are no road plans even though 10,000+ new houses are also planned in Bordon , Aldershot and Church Crookham nearby.

There IS a housing crisis and new houses are needed (particularly affordable ones - though unfortunately in the new Plan there is little to help create genuinely affordable houses). We need a Local Plan – but Waverley's proposed Plan is not right for Farnham.

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