"Winning Here!" in SW Surrey

With our new leader and clear policy on Brexit, Liberal Democrats are riding high - in the opinion polls, in by-election results, and in new members.

Current opinions polls from  range of polling companies consistently show us at levels last seen at the height of Cleggmania, in 2010/11. 

We have been making steady gains in by-elections, for parliament and for local councils.

We have seen a surge in new recruits, at all levels: MP's and local councillors, members and registered supporters.

Will you join us?

Opinion polls

The average voting intention across all polls, as calculated by the polltracker Britain Elects, shows us at 20% - that's double where we were just before the May local elections. The momentum is also with us - three of the most recent polls have us leading or just one point behind Labour, and no more than 10 points behind the Tories:



A share of the vote of 20% or more would bring us a substantial number of new parliamentary seats - and SW Surrey could be one of them. Based on the latest Survation poll the website Flavible Politics projects a total of 100 seats for the LibDems at the next election - including SW Surrey, and also Guildford, Mole Valley, Woking and Eshar & Walton (among many more).


By elections

The most important polls are not opinion polls, but those at the polling booth.  Last month we gained a Welsh parliamentary seat in a by-election, and across the country, in local by-elections since May 2nd, LibDems have taken more votes in total then either the Conservatives, or Labour! Election Maps UK  has a regular weekly Twitter chart showing cumulative (local) by-election totals from May 2nd to September 19th:


While the LD share of the vote has gone up by 11%  from the previous results in these wards, the Conservative share has dropped by 4% - and Labour's by 8%. Or, for the actual vote totals, Election Maps UK also has these:

New Leader, new MPs, new councillors, new members.

In addition to out new MP in the Brecon by-election, six more have joined us from other parties, in just the past few months. While both the other major parties are hopelessly divided, Liberal Democrats are clearly united and enthusiastic. This shows in Swinson's personal ratings in the polls. In two recent polls (from Opinium and Survation) Jo Swinson comes out ahead of Corbyn!. 

We have the momentum, we have the leadership we need. With the wind at our back, a win in South West Surrey, which a short while back seemed impossible, now appears to be increasingly plausible. 


Can you help us to get rid of Jeremy Hunt?

We need to put the maximum possible effort into this campaign. We need:

Deliverers to distribute leaflets and letters, either in their own neighbourhoods, or further afield.

Clerical workers, to address and stuff envelopes.

Data entry people, to record information collected by our canvassers.

Canvassers, out knocking on doors or telephoning to collect information.

Householders willing to display posters or stakeboards at their homes.

Polling day helpers - tellers, deliverers, and "knocking up" telephone and street canvassers


MONEY - to pay for leaflets and advertising. 


If you can help, with just an hour or two at a time, or with a donation, write to

[email protected] 

[email protected]

[email protected]


or donate here




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