Waverley B.C. Declare Climate Emergency

At a full council meeting last night (Sept 18), Waverley Borough Council passed a climate emergency declaration. The Waverley Liberal Democrats facebook page reported: Despite a concerted effort from Conservative (Opposition) Councillors to utterly neuter and dilute the motion (just as they did a...

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New Poll: LibDem lead Labour!

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EU 2019 Result

Results of the EU Parliamentary elections on May30 2019 were even better than those for the local elections. Here in Waverley, we topped the poll with 35%, contributing to the election of 3 LibDem MEP's for the South East region. Full results for Waverley (taken from the Waverley BC website) were...

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The Waverley Liberal Democrats are a passionate local campaigning organisation fighting for fairness across Waverley.

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