Town Election results - every Lib Dem elected!


Liberal Democrats gained control of Haslemere Town Council in the May 2023 elections with a top-class and experienced line-up of candidates, backed in its entirety by residents of Haslemere, Grayswood, Hindhead and Beacon Hill. In Farnham and Godalming, residents decided to vote in every Lib Dem standing for election to our Town Councils, in a resounding endorsement for the party.

Residents have continued to back Liberal Democrats working for them at our town and parish councils, with a total of 24 candidates being elected in May 2023. In Haslemere, this has resulted in a shift of power from no overall control to a Lib Dem majority - an enormous change since 2019 when there were no Lib Dem councillors representing Haslemere at any level, and a big success for Lib Dems in the area.

Across the borough, every Liberal Democrat standing for election to our town and parish councils was elected successfully, in a ringing endorsement for the positive vision of our candidates and hard work of our existing councillors for residents.

Haslemere Town Council

On Haslemere Town Council, the Lib Dems 🟠 won 12 of the 17 seats available, with the Conservatives 🔵 down to just 3 (full results).

  • Hindhead & Beacon Hill: Cllrs Jerome Davidson, Conrad Waters
  • Haslemere North: Cllrs Oli Leach, Terry Weldon, Phil Miller, John Weatherburn
  • Haslemere South: Cllrs Bryan Carroll, Lesley Banfield, Farzana Aslam
  • Haslemere West: Cllrs Jackie Keen, John Robini and Peter Nicholson

Godalming Town Council

On Godalming Town Council, the Lib Dems 🟠 won 9 of the 18 available seats, with the Conservatives 🔵 down to just 2 (full results).

  • Binscombe: Cllr Paul Rivers
  • Central & Ockford: Cllrs Paul Follows, Tom Kiehl, Ruth Thomson
  • Charterhouse: Cllr Michael Steel
  • Farncombe & Catteshall: Cllrs Alex Adam, Penny Rivers
  • Holloway: Cllrs Adam Duce, Joan Heagin

Farnham Town Council

On Farnham Town Council the Lib Dems 🟠 won two seats with the Conservatives 🔵 not winning any (full results).

  • Badshot Lea and Moor Park: Cllr Mark Merryweather
  • Weybourne: Cllr Matthew Brown

Alfold Parish Council

On Alfold Parish Council, Lib Dem 🟠 and local resident Cllr Mary Brown was elected (full results).