Building opportunity - our team with a positive vision

13 Apr 2023
Waverley Lib Dem candidates in the Godalming Burys field, holding signs with the "Building Opportunity" manifesto pledges

Paul Follows and the local Lib Dem team have ambitious and exciting plans to build on the hard work of the last four years and deliver a brighter future for local residents.

Paul Follows, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said: “Times have been tough, including for local councils where the Government has slashed funding. But we have refused to accept a managed decline of services and have an exciting and positive vision to enhance our communities and improve opportunities for local residents and businesses.

“With the support of Waverley residents over the past four years, the building blocks have been put in place for this brighter future. We have cleared up the mess left behind by the Tories and our collaboration with Guildford Borough Council is delivering significant savings as well as giving us the ‘critical mass’ to introduce and sustain innovative new services.

“I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved over the last four difficult years, on things like the climate emergency and affordable homes, as well as stepping up to support vulnerable residents through the pandemic.

“With your support we can build on these successes, and deliver new opportunity for residents.”

Our candidates have now been announced across Waverley, who will be fighting for seats at the Borough Council and Town & Parish Councils across the area.