Lib Dems select Paul Follows for new Godalming & Ash fight

15 Oct 2023
Ed Davey pictured with local members, volunteers and residents

Local Liberal Democrats are delighted to select Paul Follows as their candidate to fight and win the new Godalming & Ash constituency at the next General Election.

Paul's strong record of working with residents in the community to deliver change, preventing cuts to key services and putting pressure on a failing Government would make him a first-class MP for the area.

As an experienced council leader, Paul already has a proud record of delivering for our area  – demonstrating financial prudence, protecting the most vulnerable during the pandemic and cost of living crisis, and taking positive action on the climate emergency.

When talking to residents, it's clear local people have had enough of being taken for granted and failed by the Conservatives. People feel ignored by a party that no longer shares their values, and MPs whose actions don't match their words.

Paul with Lib Dem leader Ed Davey at the site of sewage dumping into our waterways in Cranleigh.
Lib Dem councillors at the High Court
Paul at the High Court with local councillors, fighting the Government over fossil fuel drilling in Dunsfold against the wishes of the community.

Paul is already working hard on issues, from fighting fossil-fuel drilling in the Surrey hills to investing in our high streets.

New social housing is being built under Paul's watch to high standards - sustainable, zero-carbon and rented at affordable rates. He's campaigning for better funding for local government and reformed council tax bands to pay for essential local services.

As your MP, Paul will fight to cut waiting times for GPs and dentists, fight to help families struggling with the cost of living and fight to protect our beautiful area from sewage dumping and fossil fuel drilling.

Three ways you can help

1. Volunteer to help Paul's campaign - whether it's talking to voters, delivering leaflets or helping us organise events.

2. Donate to beat the well-funded Conservatives - a regular donation will help Paul's team build up and win the General Election campaign

3. Spread the word - share with friends that you'll be voting Liberal Democrat and put up a poster at election-time to remind everybody to vote!