Conservatives slash GP funding across Surrey

7 Mar 2024

Whilst NHS waiting lists near record numbers and demand for services grow, the Conservatives have slashed GP funding in our area by more than £9 million in real terms since 2019.

Funding per patient across the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board area has fallen by a shocking 8.3% since 2019.

Paul Follows and the Liberal Democrats are calling for patients to be given a legal right to see their GP within seven days, or 24 hours if in urgent need.

This would be achieved by increasing the number of fully qualified GPs by 8,000 with an initiative to boost recruitment and retain more  experienced doctors.

Paul said: “Despite the Herculean efforts of our amazing GP practices, families and pensioners across our area are currently struggling to see their GP despite being in need of medical advice, leaving people waiting in pain or simply anxious about not getting the care they need.

“It’s not right that our community is suffering the consequences of this Conservative Government’s neglect of local health services.

“Seeing your GP should be at the heart of our NHS. That is why the Liberal Democrats are calling for a legal right to see a GP within 24 hours if in urgent need.”

Paul Follows listening to a resident
Paul Follows in front of an ambulance

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