Godalming Focus following by-election victory

Godalming has recently issued a full-colour A3 Focus edition, specifically aimed at the Central & Ockford ward where we achieved a town council by-election win earlier this year.

We have been asked to post the Focus online, and are happy to do so. 

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Guildford Borough Council transport plan published

As reported in GetSurrey's website (the online presence of the Surrey Advertiser), Guildford Borough Council has taken the unusual step of publishing its own transport plan, which includes a proposal to route the A3 under Guildford in a tunnel, from the A31 Hogs Back junction all the way to the Stoke junction.

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EU: "firefighters vs arsonists" and IMF: "Brexit - severe damage"

David Miliband, the UK's former foreign secretary, has likened Brexiteers to arsonists in an article in today's Guardian newspaper.

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Waverley members campaigning on PCC and EU referendum

Local party members have been getting the message out on the streets this weekend, about both the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election, and of course the Liberal Democrat viewpoint on the upcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

If your local branch has been out and about recently, why not let us know so that we can promote it here on the website?

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Waverley Local Plan Delayed Again

Waverley Borough Council have announced another delay in the desperately needed Local Plan, keeping the area at risk of inappropriate developments being forced through. Two local Liberal Democrats were asked to comment on this delay by the Surrey Advertiser: Ollie Purkiss, a Godalming Town Councillor, and Richard Cole, our candidate in the Cranleigh Parish Council by-election on May 5.

Ollie Purkiss said:

"Waverley Borough Council's failure to produce a Local Plan after nine years and hundreds of thousands of pounds spent is the biggest threat to this area of recent times. The rules laid out by the government clearly state the numbers of new houses that need to be built, and ignoring that will not prevent it happening.

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Lib Dem Chairman responds to request for comment on council allowance increases

The Waverley Liberal Democrats Chairman, Stewart Edge, has responded to a request for comment from the Farnham Herald regarding Waverley Borough Council, and Surrey County Council both increasing allowances by the highest amount in England.

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Waverley Council Leader writes about Government latest schools plans

In a letter written to the Farnham Herald, Waverley Liberal Democrat Chairman Stewart Edge has highlighted the Westminster Government's latest plans to change the schools policy in England.

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Godalming By-Election Victory

The Conservative's monopoly of Godalming Town Council was broken with the Liberal Democrat victory in the Central and Ockford by-election. Ollie Purkiss was elected and will be a strong alternative voice for Godalming. The local party, with key support from friends across Surrey have made another step in the Lib Dem fightback.

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Conservative Council Propose Cuts to Bus Services

The Conservative run County Council have released proposals to cut bus services to and from Ockford Ridge from two per hour to just one. With a lack of amenities in the area many local people rely on the buses to get to shops or the doctors. With a Town Council election coming up, local people can take this opportunity to send a message to the Conservatives that they want things done differently. Our candidate, Ollie Purkiss, will push to keep this vital service running if elected on February 11th.

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Waverley Council Leader Confirms Extra Houses Planned for Farnham

In a letter published in the Farnham Herald, Waverley Liberal Democrat Chairman Stewart Edge outlined the response he received when he challenged the Council Leader on the plans for the 1400 extra houses that are needed to be built in the Borough. The answer was that they were going to end up in Farnham and Cranleigh without even assessing Dunsfold as a practical alternative.

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